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"I believe, inherently, that the structures of society are driving us mad. Though most of us believe ourselves to be fairly well-adjusted, healthy individuals, we are all patients in the asylum together now."

I love this article by Tim Hjersted about how we can create a better world. I am excited to learn about so many people tuning into similar messages about how we can wake up and help humanity. An excerpt from the article:

“In the future, I see a society where the basic needs of every human being are guaranteed: food, shelter, health care – cradle to grave security. I see a future without the need for toilsome work, without nation-states, without rulers and ruled, hierarchy or war. You think this sounds like a fantasy, but it is possible now. The problem is not technical, nor creative. It is a problem of cultural lag – of the outdated institutions and values of our time not being able to keep pace with technological advancement.

But to realize this kind of future, however impossible  – to imagine anything better than what we presently have – it means we must wake up to the problems that our generation must deal with.”

FROM S.A.D. TO GLAD: How to overcome stress, anxiety and depression and feel happy again

Feel relaxed and happy again without resorting to medications.
Dr. Emmett Miller, M.D. and psychotherapist Jonathan Robinson have created an audiocourse that teaches people how to overcome stress, anxiety and depression and feel happy again.

Based on scientific studies and personal research, the teachers guide the listener through exercises and give the listener many ways to stop the momentum of negative thinking and change it to positive thinking. I have used the audiocourse and give it the highest recommendation for anyone who is willing to stretch and grow into happiness, for your own sake and to uplift those around you.

Click here to try S.A.D. to Glad.

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