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We all want world peace right? We haven’t achieved it yet but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done by this afternoon. If we all agree to the following, and have friends who agree to the following, that might be enough.
Join the Team for Peace.
I act in peaceful ways and I model peaceful ways for my physically close family and for my global human family.
When I physically hurt others, I get support to find new ways of understanding myself and others. If I am a danger to others, I surround myself with people who have agreed to help me keep others and myself safe.
I support peaceful leaders who find peaceful solutions and don’t use physical force to solve a problem.
I am gathering together people who live peacefully to find peaceful solutions for every problem.
To be part of this team, agree with the writing above. Take it on as your own and spread peace.
To keep track of who is on the Team for Peace, please send me a message and agree to be listed publicly as being on the Team for Peace. Together we can have peace.
Love, Marina (Stormy) May
PRINCE EA: What’s your label?

Artist Prince Ea has created a new spoken word video that points to the labels we still get stuck on; labels that separate us. He guides us into considering that just like we aren’t the cars we drive around in, we aren’t the bodies we were born into. Watch the video here:

PRINCE EA: Telling it like it is

RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS: Students surprise a homeless guy

Uplifting others can be so simple and beautiful, let this video inspire you.

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